Meze Plate 68
a colorful variety of salads, served with our special Moroccan bread

Tomato salad 48
with purple onions, coriander and green chili peppers

Alla Romana 56
artichoke Salad with arugula, tomatoes and roasted almonds

Endive salad 54
with arugula, candied pecans, seasonal fruit and passion fruit vinaigrette

Tuna Sashimi 68
red Tuna in ginger and chili caramel, served over a fennel, citrus and mint salad

Beef Carpaccio 64
arugula, olive oil and artichoke

Sea fish Ceviche 68

Fresh Corn Polenta 54
asparagus, mushrooms, truffle oil and red wine

Liver Pate 56
served with a tomato fennel chutney and mini toasts

Jerusalem mixed grill 68
of fish with tahini and mango pickle sauce

Seared Veal Sweetbreads 78
served with almond tabbouleh and a veal sweetbread cigar

Roasted Chicken Liver 58
cauliflower cream, crispy smoked goose breast and red wine

Main Courses

Crispy Sea Bass 120
baked with endive, fennel and tomatoes

Sea Bream Fillet 120
on gnocchi, tomatoes, sage Seared

Herb Crusted sea Fish Fillet 126
served on fennel confit and saffron risotto

Crusted Greens Chicken Breast 96
on Galilean majadara and herb salad

Crispy Gnocchi Goose liver 118
smoked goose breast and veal sweetbreads in a beef broth with chestnuts and cauliflower cream

Veal asado 110
with a ginger orange barbeque sauce

Beef Cheek 112
braised for 6 hours with red wine and root vegetables

Steak & Chips 146
300 gr Entrecote with a red wine sauce, garlic confit and rosemary honey mustard

Fillet mignon Steak 148
served on a black lentil ragout , spinach and caramelized shallots in a beef broth

Pea Risotto 72
saffron and fennel confit

Quinoa Salad 62
cranberries, walnuts, asparagus and green beans in a honey and lemon vinaigrette

Eggplant Ravioli 62
olive oil, cherry tomatoes, chili, rosemary, roasted pine nuts and eggplant cubes

Side Dishes

Green beans 18

Green Salad 18

Roasted Organic carrots 18
with cumin seeds and orange juice

Freekeh 18
with lentils and onions

Chips and fried onions 18

Tasting Menu

Must be ordered for all diners at the table

250 ¤ Per Person


Shchem gate 36
Vanilla ice cream, raw tahini, dates honey, pistachio & halvah

Tropicana 42
Coconut, passion fruit and mango sorbet, crumble and surprises

Volcano 38
Hot chocolate cake filled with hazelnuts cream served with vanilla ice cream

Classics 38
Lemon Tarte and meringue

Nights of Jaffa 38
Malabie, kadaife and sesame crunch in rose syrup

Surprise egg 48
Meringue ball filled with vanilla and mango cream in mango sauce and crumble

The eighties 48
Savarin, caramelized apples, mascarpone cream, berry sauce and passion fruit collie

Chocolate corruption 56
Dacquoise Chocolate, Belgian chocolate cream, Oreo cream, Arabesque Tuile, chocolate meringue and salty chocolate crumble in toffee sauce

Flying Saucer 42
A large raspberry macaron filled raspberry cream and berries

Soft drinks

Mineral Water 14/22

Soda 12

Carbonated drinks 14

Natural Juice 14

Apple Juice 14



Tuborg 28

Stella Artois 30


Guinness 32

Corona 32

Malka Stout 34

Malka Blonde Ale 34

Hoegaarden 36

Wine Menu

Prices are for a bottle, unless otherwise specified

Sparkling Wines

Cava, Sec / Demi Sec, Spain (glass/bottle) 26/98

Lambrusco, Ca di Val, Italy 92

Blanc de Blancs, Yarden, Golan Heights Winery 2009 230

White Wines

Sauvignon Blanc, Gamla Hashmura, Golan Heights Winery (glass/bottle) 30/108

Sauvginon Blanc, Reserve, Dalton 140

Chardonnay, Gamla, Golan Heights Winery (glass/bottle) 30/108

Chardonnay Odem organic vineyard, Yarden, Golan Heights Winery 180

C, Domaine du Castel 250

Pinot Grigio, Lueria 155

Chardonnay - Gewurtztraminer, Gva'ot 160

Flam Blanc, Flam 190

Judean Hills White, Tzora 220

Semi Dry Wines

Gewurtztraminer, Yarden, Golan Heights Winery 155

Gewurtztraminer, Lueria 160

Rose Wines

Rose, Galil Mountain Winery 90

Rose, Domaine du Castel 160

Dessert Wines

Muscat, Yarden, Golan Heights Winery (500 ml) 75

Heightswine, Yarden, Golan Heights Winery (375 ml) (glass/bottle) 24/150

Red Wines

Cabernet Sauvignon, Gamla, Golan Heights Winery (glass/bottle) 36/142

Cabernet Sauvignon, Gva'ot 160

Cabernet Sauvignon, Gofna, Gva'ot 210

Cabernet Sauvignon, Yarden, Golan Heights Winery 240

Cabernet Sauvignon Unfiltered, Segal's 420

Katzrin, Yarden, Golan Heights Winery 2011

Petite Syrah, Resrve, Recanati 195

Malbec, Yarden, Golan Heights Winery 240

CSM, Mia Luce (Carignan, Syrah, Marselan) 250

Merlot, Yarden, Golan Heights Winery 184

Merlot, Gva'ot 190

Syrah, Gamla Hashmura, Golan Heights Winery (glass/Half Bottle/Bottle) 32/70/120

Shiraz, Kayumi vineyard, Carmel 205

Shiraz, Reserve, Dalton 225

Syrah, Reserve, Flam 260

Cabernet Merlot, Gamla Hashmura, Golan Heights Winery (glass/Half Bottle/Bottle) 32/70/120

Judean Hills Red, Tzora (glass/bottle) 36/180

Odem Forest, Odem Mountain 135

Terrace, Lueria (Cabernet Sauvingon - Cabernet Franc) 156

Classico, Flam 190

Edom, Psagot 190

Mt. Amasa, Yatir 195

Coupage, Bravdo 205

Petit Castel, Domaine du Castel 205

Yiron, Galil Mountain Winery 210

Limited Edition, Carmel 260

Special Reserve, Recanati 350

Misty Hills, Tzora 380

Gran Vin, Domaine du Castel 400

The Cave, Binyamina 420

Yatir Forest, Yatir 460

Rom, Yarden, Golan Heights Winery 2012 800


Dakiri strawberry and almonds 44

Strawberry Margarita 44

Mojito 44

Dry martini 44

Lunch at Hachatzer

Meze Plate – a colorful variety of salads, served with our special Moroccan bread


Included in the price of the main course

Liver Pat?
tomato & fennel chutney and mini toasts

Tomato salad
with purple onion, coriander and green chili pepper

Green salad
with passion fruit vinaigrette and roasted almonds

Grilled Eggplant
tahini, cherry tomatoes salsa and pine nuts

Beef Carpaccio
arugula, lemon, olive oil and Alla Romana artichoke
Additional NIS 10

Chorizo sausages
with mustard, arugula and baked potato
Additional NIS 10

Sea fish Sashimi
coriander, green onion and radish with tomato seeds
Additional NIS 15

Main Courses

Pea Risotto 78
saffron and fennel confit

Eggplant Ravioli 78
olive oil, cherry tomatoes, chili, rosemary, roasted pine nuts and eggplant cubes

Greens Crusted Chicken Breast 84
on Galilean majadara and herbs salad

Roasted Chicken Liver 84
with mashed potatoes and red wine sauce

Entrecote kebabs 86
green tahini and roasted vegetables

Spring Chicken 90
in a marinade of oranges, rosemary and date honey. with grilled vegetables and Chimichurri

Veal schnitzel 90
fried onion, arugula and mashed potatoes

Veal asado 102
with a ginger orange barbeque sauce

Steak & Chips 115
300 gr Entrecote with a red wine sauce, garlic confit and rosemary honey mustard

Sea Bream Fillet 115
on gnocchi, tomatoes and sage Seared

ROL מסעדות